5 Sustainable Buildings Sure to Inspire.

One of the biggest blocks to making the places we live and work eco-friendly is the way that they are built. Retro fitting green technology can be difficult, but has to be done to make sure we can preserve what we have for a healthy future. A minute percentage of the buildings that dot the landscape have one green attribute, but here is a show case of ten that can be proud of their passion and dedication to their carbon footprint and are just about as green as they can get.

Cherokee Studios, LA

This forward thinking green building was built on the site of an old recording studio from the 70’s that once had David Bowie and Warren Zevon as artists. The building is now office and home with low energy LED lights fitted in every room, and takes advantage of the Californian climate to heat and light the whole structure.

First Unitarian Society Meeting House, Madison, Wisconsin

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and covering 20,000, this building is 40% more effective than comparable buildings. Constructed by incorporating recycled and locally sourced materials and with a CO2 sensor that switches on ventilation when it senses people this building is very earth friendly. Add to that a ‘living’ roof of plant material, you have a highly sustainable building.

Kiowa County School, Greensberg, KS

When Greensberg was destroyed by a tornado, they rebuilt the school on earth friendly practices. Advantage was taken of passive solar gains and natural ventilation and a turbine was put on the roof to produce some of its power.

Lance Armstrong Foundation, Austin, TX

One of the few truly green buildings to be constructed from an existing structure, this building was an old 1950’s warehouse until it was renovated. Making use of passive solar gains and 88% of the material being recycled from the local area, this work and office space can be proud of its eco-friendly credentials. Toxic chemicals are banned in our around the building to make sure it keeps its carbon footprint low.

Vancouver Convention Center West, Canada

The Vancouver Convention Center was the first building ever to be awarded Platinum status by the LEED foundation, not least of all because of it 6 acre living roof that tops the building. Some of the features it includes are CO2, ventilation, humidity and heating sensors that only work in areas that are active, and cooling systems that are run by seawater powered by pumps run on hydroelectricity.

As technology progresses it will be easier to incorporate green technology into buildings, but until then we must do what we can – with these magnificent buildings as our guides.

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