When is a door, not a door?

Life goes in a cycle. Buildings are being knocked down or renovated all the time which creates a surplus of used building material. A lot of this material ends up in landfill, but it really needn’t. It can be recycled into new buildings to give it a definite designed look, or it can be repurposed into completely brand new items. Nothing is more versatile than an old door, and it doesn’t have to be a door. It can be so much more.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices going and make something out of old building materials destined for landfill:

Hidden door

An old door can be painted, wallpapered or stenciled to make the perfect back drop for a buffet, end table or hallway. It can be decorated with pictures, plants or other salvaged material to become the focal point for the room. It adds interest, but also can be redecorated to create a new look, rather than redecorating the whole room.

Picture this!

A paneled door can have the panels removed, or glass if it’s glass paneled, and photos or curios can be put in their place. It can be hung on the wall in either orientation, used behind furniture to create a center piece, or standalone showcasing art as a series of uniform frames.

Cover up

Horse stall or barn doors can be mounted as a sliding door and used to cover up items like a flat screen TV, shallow herb cupboard or serving hatch when not in use. They can be stained or painted to match your décor and the more decorative barn door the more beautiful the effect.

Room divider

Using piano hinges you can link them together and make a room divider that is unique and matches your room so it invisible. You can use the same type of doors, or for an eclectic look link three different doors together. Whatever you choose, it will look fabulous when they are decorated to match the room.

Ultimate reflection

Some paneled doors can have the panels removed and a mirror inserted to make a beautiful full length mirror. If you can’t find a mirror to fit, go to a glass supplier and get one purpose cut. It is versatile and easy to do, and creates a one of kind work of art.

Kitchen aide

A door can have its panels removed and be hung high on the kitchen ceiling with hooks inserted so that you can hang your pots and pans from them in a rustic look. Make sure you consult a professional to hang it as even though you will only use the frame it will still be heavy and could fall and hurt someone.

More furniture

Bookcases can be made out of old doors when shelving is screwed to it, headboards can be made of one door or two highly decorated doors, and sofa frames or chairs can be made out of three old doors shaped like a sofa then covered with fabric and sofa pads. Desks and tables can be made out of old doors, even suspending a door from a tree or ceiling can be used as a table. Hutches and benches with storage can all be made from doors with a little effort, but not too much work as the door is the perfect shape and style. The key is to keep the doors look, to accentuate the doors personality and make it the focal point of the furniture. The only limit is your imagination.

Swing low

Porch swings, mud room paneling and porch furniture can all be made from old doors. It can be as simple suspending the door from the ceiling, or as complicated as your skills allow.

 Chalk board

A door makes an easy chalk board to add to a child’s room or kitchen by painting the middle panel with chalk board paint. The wood frame is perfect for screwing on something to hold the chalk in, or decoration to make it unique.

Garden art

Outdoors old doors can be made into patio furniture, fences, potting sheds, potting benches, green houses or arbors. You can even make a wall out of them to make your home covering a little different from the neighbors.

A salvaged door is usually made of solid wood that can be repurposed into something beautiful and the internet is full of ideas to help you chose exactly the right project. The more building materials kept out of landfill the cleaner the environment will be. Let’s give Mother Nature a helping hand.

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