Fullers Organic Honey Dew – a True Organic Beer

Organic beer is one of a kind. Every other product that wants to bear the label ‘organic’ has to have its ingredients raised without the use of chemicals at any stage, but due to the rarity of truly organic beer making materials, a beer can be labeled as organic with only 70% of its content being raised au natural.

Organic beer ingredients are becoming more accessible and the first company to really take on the challenge of a 100% organic beer is Fullers. Fullers is a British company that has been brewing craft ales for decades. Having perfected the non-organic art of beer making, they have turned to organic brewing and made the first, pioneering fully organic beer – Fullers Organic Honey Dew. But what does an organic beer taste like?

Fullers is definitely a European beer. It is light in taste and color, probably the lightest beer on offer except for pale lagers, like European Pilsner or Budweiser. In England, it would be classed as a pale ale, as the soft texture matches the light, honey color, and the taste is mild with only the slightest bitter aftertaste common to many beers and lagers.

The ale is full bodied and rich in the European style and less like American lagers, even though it has the same alcohol strength. The taste has the same sensation as a standard Newcastle Brown or Budweiser American Ale, but unlike other Honey ales, actually tastes and smells of the Argentinian Honey that it’s made with. For other honey ales, you would struggle to taste the difference, and the aroma would be non-existent, but with Fullers Organic Honey Dew you get the full honey experience, almost as if you were drinking traditional mead. Whether you are drinking it for its organic production, or you just want a REAL honey ale, then Fullers hits the spot and is a pleasure to drink.

The price is fair for a true organic brew, but the experience is worth it, especially as you get 16.9ozs like all the other Fullers products, instead of the standard 12 oz.

Whatever your reason, I recommend trying a Fullers Organic Honey Dew if you like pale ale as it’s a great beer, for a great price and it doesn’t contain anything that you can’t pronounce!

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