Are LEDS Only Useful In Scoreboards?

Wherever your seem to look these days light bulbs are being replaced by uniform rows of OCD LED’s. For decades the scoreboards at sports games have lit up your success, or failure, but that was about the only place you would encounter them. You can’t miss them these days, brighter, whiter and extremely unsubtle they outshine their old school filament counterparts ten to one, but why are they running Edison’s greatest moment way out of town and over the landfill hill?

LED’s are the next evolution of light, and very eco-friendly. Edison’s incandescent light bulb wastes 90% of the energy it consumes in producing heat. In a sense, the bi product of the bulb out weights the benefit. The heat produced to make the light makes it hard to use and dangerous; the likelihood of it exploding is high as it is very unstable. All these problems are overcome with the advent of the LED light bulb.

With the technology behind the LED light bulb, no heat is produced, reducing the likelihood of explosion to zero and also saving on other associated energy costs, like having to use a fan or air conditioning to keep a room cool. The light they produce consumes very little energy so they last much longer, as well as using much less energy whilst they do so. The light is bright as they only shine in one direction and can be controlled more easily to get the light where it needs to go. There are other earth friendly lighting options, but none of them are efficient, or as cool, as the LED.

Using LED bulbs tots up to each bulb costing $1 a year to run (on average), as opposed to  $1.20 for an energy star rated bulb, $3.50 for a halogen bulb and a massive $4.80 for a standard incandescent bulb. They also last 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb too.

With all these savings if we converted all our light sources to compatible LED sources we could cut the demand for electricity by a MASSIVE one third, savings $246 billion in energy costs and preventing 40 power plants from being constructed. And that’s based on today’s LED technology. As we continue to push the boundaries and innovate we may find more applications for the humble LED and save even more of our beautiful earths precious resources.

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