Making Your Metal Roof Last

If you are looking for an eco-friendly roofing material that is economical and cares for the environment, then installing a metal roof is a great option. Metal roofs can last up to thirty years with a little preventative care, are impervious to rot and pests, and are very low maintenance. Installing a metal roof reduces your carbon footprint by lasting up to three times longer than shingles, uses less harmful chemicals and ends with a product that can be reused or recycled when it is no longer fit for roofing. Metal roofs are durable, efficient and easy to look after, but with a little care you can maximize the life of your roof. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your sustainable roof:


Twice a year walk round your home and inspect your roof. By making sure your roof is in good shape before winter you will avoid any damage the weather may cause by inefficient joints or screws. Water will always find its own level so make sure your roof appears watertight with no gaps in the sealants. Look at each sheet and make sure it is fully coated and does not need a new application of sealer before winter.

After winter do the same inspection taking care to look at all the aspects of the roof that may have been stressed with the bad weather. If you are unsure, then call in a professional to advise you. Metal roofs are very sustainable but are far more effective if you are proactive in avoiding problems before they start.


The metal used for roofing can contract and expand when there are vast changes in temperature which does not cause a problem to the metal itself, but can stress the sealant that is used to keep the roof watertight. They are designed to contract and expand with the metal, but will need to be replaced a couple of times during the life of your roof. If you live in area that experiences large fluctuations in temperature check your sealants to make sure they are still sound.

The fabric of your roof will be screwed on and the expanding and contracting can cause some of them to come loose. Look at each one as closely as you can and see if any need to be tightened.


Keeping your roof clean is one of the best ways that you can prolong the life of the metal. Dirt and debris can trap water and cause corrosion on the underside, making it hard to see. Anything that can compromise the efficiency of your roof needs to be attended to quickly, so the sooner you can see it, the sooner you can treat it. Clear the metal of leaves, dirt, branches and other debris paying particular attention to the ‘valleys’ of the metal where it can accumulate.

Your rain gutters can also become blocked with debris that has come from the roof, so take the time to make sure they are clean too. If the water backs up from blocked gutters and eavestroughs, it can get under the roof and cause water to go into your home. If you need to use a cleaner, then make sure you pick a bio-degradable cleaner made from natural products if possible.

A metal roof is an investment in the future and in the planet, which makes it worth the effort to keep it in excellent condition so it will last for many decades.

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