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5 Reasons You Should Use Shipping Containers for Your Home

Around ten years ago, design firm Zigloo was one of the first Canadian companies to create a home out of shipping containers. Since then, its use has become more widespread and many design and architecture firms are looking for ways they can use it to create chic, sustainable homes. If you’re trying to decide on your next home, below are five great reasons to looking into shipping containers.

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Green Bathroom Furniture and Fixtures

More than half of your water consumption is used in the bathroom. What?! Seriously? Yes, seriously. Based on a study of Environment Canada, the bathroom represents 65% of a household's total water usage. The large portion of the said consumption is a result of inefficient products. To help save the environment and be a certified eco warrior it is time to change or upgrade our bathroom furniture and fixtures into eco-friendly ones.

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Your Next Bathroom can be Clean and Green

On average the bathroom is the most expensive room in the house to build costing around $10,000, but it is also usually the smallest. For some reason, despite the cost, we still manage to make the room completely functional and uninspiring. A great time to rethink the design and function of your bathroom is when you decide the renovate it and give it the prominence it deserves. Designing your bathroom around green principles makes best use of

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