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Welcome Brico Services

Brico services is a Canadian based supply and distribution company specializing in imported landscape/building supplies and equipment, and is the western Canadian distributor for Porous Pave Inc. Porous Pave was originally introduced in the U.S., and has now made its way to Canada in recent years. We’re proud to have Brico Services and PorousPave as sponsors.

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No Need for Bricks: 5 Amazing Homes Made from Mother Nature

When we think of stunning homes, we think of bricks, glass, and some of the world's most beautiful buildings incorporate its natural surrounds with its design plans.  If ever in your lifetime you have the chance to go to Turkey, it is highly recommended that you head to Cappadocia.  This beautiful region consists of buildings that are built into rocks.  Its aesthetics are dreamlike and very out of this world.  Closely resembling Suess-like

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A Breath of Fresh Air – Houseplants and Your Air Quality

It’s fair to say that most Canadians spend the majority of their time inside, be it in the workplace or at home. As winter descends upon us and days grow shorter, our opportunities for fresh air consumption tend to decrease significantly. That’s especially true if you live in a newer home or work in a modern office building. Today’s buildings are certainly smarter than their counterparts of yesteryear, but there’s a flipside to all of

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Bring Some Summer to your Winter Work Environment

Calgarians are known for one thing … Awesomeness! OH! And a long winter. In a winter wonderland Calgary would be crowned King with the way we embrace the cold and make it work for us. Now there is yet another way that Calgary can make serious business enjoying winter – and that’s by adding a little bit of summer to our workplaces all year, thanks to Vertical Oxygen. Vertical Oxygen is a Calgary based company that produce stunning living

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Green Walls – Gardening for Every Space

Some of the first homes built by man were the ultimate in eco-friendly buildings. Simple wood or stone walls, with glass or open holes to let in light, but most efficient and easy to upkeep of all -  a roof made of live grass. Watered by the rain and fed by the sun, these roof coverings lasted as long as the building, attracting wild life and providing oxygen and clean air all the time they were being used. Sod roofs, as they were known,

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