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Welcome Brico Services

Brico services is a Canadian based supply and distribution company specializing in imported landscape/building supplies and equipment, and is the western Canadian distributor for Porous Pave Inc. Porous Pave was originally introduced in the U.S., and has now made its way to Canada in recent years. We’re proud to have Brico Services and PorousPave as sponsors.

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Alternative Ways to Keep Warm in the Winter

With winter coming, you may find yourself thinking of alternative ways of heating your home. Standard ways of heating your home can make up half of your monthly bills! Luckily, there are great options for those of us who would rather spend money on warm chocolate lattes than warming our house once temperatures drop. The following are great ways to save money and energy during the winter months: Beautiful Biodiesel Biodiesel is an

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Alternative Ways to Heat Your Home That Don’t Cost the Earth

Heating bills will always represent a sizeable amount of the yearly budget in any home, especially in the winter. The average home only utilizes roughly only 40% of its living space so heating it all becomes expensive and superfluous. Reducing your heating bill usually brings to mind installing geo thermal or solar energy, but these are expensive and out of many peoples budgets. But there are many ways to reduce your homes heating bill without

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