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Welcome Brico Services

Brico services is a Canadian based supply and distribution company specializing in imported landscape/building supplies and equipment, and is the western Canadian distributor for Porous Pave Inc. Porous Pave was originally introduced in the U.S., and has now made its way to Canada in recent years. We’re proud to have Brico Services and PorousPave as sponsors.

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Ideas for having a Green Landscape

Going "green" and being eco friendly in your own back yard means a lot more than the color of your lawn and landscape. In fact, you may not always want your lawn to look so green you don’t want your lawn to be filled with natural but green weeds! Listed below are ideas to green your landscape in healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly ways. Green landscaping, sustainable or eco-landscaping is a method to design, create, and

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What is Green Landscaping?

There is an art in landscaping any garden. Selecting the right plants, walkways and trees can take some time, but to make your garden environmentally friendly takes much more time and thought than regular gardening. It’s easy to think that landscaping a garden is automatically a green, earth friendly endeavor, but many aspects of garden design can harm the environment and add to pollution. Green landscaping is the art of working with nature

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Ideas to Make Your Renovations Green

Renovating your home is an exciting prospect. It’s a chance to really make your home your own and reflect your style. With the knowledge we have of the way our living environment impacts on global warming, many people are also using renovations as a chance to incorporate green practices into their homes, but are looking for something distinctive as well as green. LEED standards are great guidelines to what is needed for a sustainable

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Fullers Organic Honey Dew – a True Organic Beer

Organic beer is one of a kind. Every other product that wants to bear the label ‘organic’ has to have its ingredients raised without the use of chemicals at any stage, but due to the rarity of truly organic beer making materials, a beer can be labeled as organic with only 70% of its content being raised au natural. Organic beer ingredients are becoming more accessible and the first company to really take on the challenge of a 100% organic

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