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Welcome Brico Services

Brico services is a Canadian based supply and distribution company specializing in imported landscape/building supplies and equipment, and is the western Canadian distributor for Porous Pave Inc. Porous Pave was originally introduced in the U.S., and has now made its way to Canada in recent years. We’re proud to have Brico Services and PorousPave as sponsors.

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Are LEDS Only Useful In Scoreboards?

Wherever your seem to look these days light bulbs are being replaced by uniform rows of OCD LED’s. For decades the scoreboards at sports games have lit up your success, or failure, but that was about the only place you would encounter them. You can’t miss them these days, brighter, whiter and extremely unsubtle they outshine their old school filament counterparts ten to one, but why are they running Edison’s greatest moment way out of town

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