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We Are All Victims of Our Own Limited Thinking

I read an article recently that discussed how the world was adversely affected by marketing and consumerism. One of the lines in it concluded that ‘we are all victims of our own limited thinking’. This line really struck me. It was one of those phrases that kept rolling around and around in my mind as I wasn’t sure that I was very comfortable with it. Are we all ‘victims’ of our own limited thinking? And if that’s true, does it mean that the human race is doomed?

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Students capture the wind with TREC Education

Episode 119 - Original Story: By David Dodge and Duncan Kinney Tomorrow’s renewable energy leaders don’t just spring from the sea fully formed like Aphrodite. They are developed through education, mentoring and their own drive and desire. And it’s groups like TREC Education that lay the groundwork so that the decision makers of tomorrow will be able to get us out of the mess

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