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We Are All Victims of Our Own Limited Thinking

I read an article recently that discussed how the world was adversely affected by marketing and consumerism. One of the lines in it concluded that ‘we are all victims of our own limited thinking’. This line really struck me. It was one of those phrases that kept rolling around and around in my mind as I wasn’t sure that I was very comfortable with it. Are we all ‘victims’ of our own limited thinking? And if that’s true, does it mean that the human race is doomed?

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St. Patrick’s Island Grand Opening

Following its official reopening on July 31, 2015, St. Patrick’s Island was the site of a Grand Opening Ceremony on September 15 to celebrate the park’s completion. After several years of intensive construction and restoration by Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) – the organization responsible for the remarkable improvements underway in East Village and the Rivers District – this 31-acre treasure at the city’s centre reopened

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