Energy : Solar Power

Solar: A Community Investment

Don’t get me wrong, sports courts and ice rinks are all important threads in a community’s fabric, but they cost money to operate and require maintenance and replacement as they depreciate over time. The LED lights and solar system installed at the Evansdale Community League in Edmonton are different. The lights will save 65 per cent on electricity costs for the rink and the solar system will pay a dividend every single month for the next quarter century.

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Hydrogen Energy – Closing the Gap Between Human Mobility and Environmental Compatibility

The scarcity of fossil fuels and the abundance of climate change should is forcing the world to completely rethink the idea of oil based energy. As a human community we need to look to renewable sources of energy as a priority if we wish to keep to keep up with energy supply and the industrial progress we currently enjoy. Looking toward hydrogen as a source of energy that bridges that gap is one solution that we cannot rule out. One of the

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