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Avoiding Bleach in Our Homes

Amaranth is proud to resell a variety of local bread products made using traditional techniques as well as truly sprouted varieties using no flour at all (think Manna bread). Raw ingredients of the unbleached kind are also readily available. Bleaching is also regular practice when it comes to coffee filters, paper towels, toilet paper and diapers. There are options available to you for many products!

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How You Can Eat Healthy Amid Rising Food Prices

We live in a time where the impossible has happened; cauliflower is now $8 a head in certain stores! Healthy food is becoming more and more expensive. Back in your grandparents era it was easier because you either knew a farmer who could supply you with your healthies or you were a ‘farmer’ with back yard plot. Now everything is so expensive! But how do we cope especially since half our portions should be fruits and veggies? Easy, a few

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Food For Thought – Foods to Nourish Your Brain and Support Your Mental Wellbeing

Ann Wigmore said it best: “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots between diet and physical health. One would expect to develop nutritional deficiencies if their food staples were selected from the mindboggling assortment of prepackaged items available in the grocery store aisles, but did you know that there’s

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The Positive Attributes of Being A Vegan

Nowadays, veganism is becoming more and more popular around individuals spanning different age groups. Teenagers, adults and seniors are turning to a healthier lifestyle which happens to stand for veganism. Today, being vegan implies choosing the appropriate options in order to ensure optimum health. Veganism means eliminating all animal products such as meat, dairy and even honey. Veganism is also getting increased exposure in the line of

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Four Wheat Flour Alternatives You Need to Bake with Today (and the recipes to prove it!)

Want to incite some passionate debate at your next neighborhood potluck? Try mentioning wheat. Who knew the pantry staple we all grew up with would become capable of stirring such rhetoric? Whether you love it or loathe it, wheat has become passé, which is particularly troublesome for those of us who love to bake. There are a host of alternative flours available, but not all lend themselves well to baking. While you’re on the hunt for

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Meat You Need to Think About

Whenever we think about reducing our carbon footprint we immediately think about the fuel we burn to heat our home or how we get to work, but if we really consider all the factors that make up our effect on the earth what we eat also plays a big part. Being eco-friendly is a choice and we have to know where our food comes from to make the choices that make a difference. Sometimes the obvious green choice is not in actual fact a green

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