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Learning about zoned heating systems

Have you noticed that different rooms or areas in your house are warmer or cooler than others? Your south facing kitchen is likely warmer than your north facing bedroom and the thermostat that controls the heat in both rooms is located in the hallway, which likely has a different temperature too. There are lots of reasons why areas of your house might be a different temperature than others, but there is a way to regulate the heating so the entire house feels comfortable.

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Spring is in the air – Time for a Green Spring Clean?

In days gone by, when people relied on coal and wood fires to heat their homes as well as candles or oil/gas for lighting, people kept their doors and windows firmly shut to keep the cold out and the warmth in.  Ceilings, walls, furnishings and everything else became covered in soot or ash, and by the end of winter possessions would be dusty, dirty and grimy.  They would wait for a dry, warm, sunny, day and would then “spring clean”. 

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Under the Rug – A Chronology of Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning

Carpet and rug cleaning, in general, has endured numerous growing pains in its decades of evolution. I would like to share some thoughts on how the industry as a whole and Green Ingenuity specifically, has strived to become eco-logically and socially responsible. In this first part of a three-part article I will offer a brief history on the origins rug and carpet cleaning. Ever since people first laid rugs and carpets or hung tapestries in

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