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Sustainable Renovations

Our homes need some updating from time to time. Even though there is nothing that needs changing or fixing, a little refreshing can make a huge difference. But sadly, most people don't choose to use environmentally savvy ways during the renovation process. This may be because they don't know how to do it or because they believe it will take too much time and effort but it actually isn't so. Check out these ways you can use to renovate your home in an environmentally friendly way and make a step in right direction, towards the happy and healthy planet.

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Green Home Furnishing

When we come home from our eco travels and excursions, our communing with nature, work, schooling and other daily pursuits, its good to be able to rest, relax and recuperate.   We spend a large proportion of our time at home.  In a lifetime, it is estimated that humans spend on average of 25 years sleeping, 9.1 years watching TV, plus extra time at the computer, reading, socialising etc, which means that we are in our homes, in bed or on the

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