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Learning about zoned heating systems

Have you noticed that different rooms or areas in your house are warmer or cooler than others? Your south facing kitchen is likely warmer than your north facing bedroom and the thermostat that controls the heat in both rooms is located in the hallway, which likely has a different temperature too. There are lots of reasons why areas of your house might be a different temperature than others, but there is a way to regulate the heating so the entire house feels comfortable.

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Green Home Furnishing

When we come home from our eco travels and excursions, our communing with nature, work, schooling and other daily pursuits, its good to be able to rest, relax and recuperate.   We spend a large proportion of our time at home.  In a lifetime, it is estimated that humans spend on average of 25 years sleeping, 9.1 years watching TV, plus extra time at the computer, reading, socialising etc, which means that we are in our homes, in bed or on the

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