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Learning about zoned heating systems

Have you noticed that different rooms or areas in your house are warmer or cooler than others? Your south facing kitchen is likely warmer than your north facing bedroom and the thermostat that controls the heat in both rooms is located in the hallway, which likely has a different temperature too. There are lots of reasons why areas of your house might be a different temperature than others, but there is a way to regulate the heating so the entire house feels comfortable.

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Get Your Home Ready for Winter – Eco-Style

It’s easy to throw open the closet, grab out your winter snow suit to check and see if it still fits this winter, but what about your home? When did you last see if your home is still fit for winter? A lot of the systems in our houses run all year and if they don’t give us any problems, we leave them well alone. Left to their own devices they may well continue that hassle free service over the winter, but winter has a way of pushing the

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Water Works – how a quick toilet tune up can save the planet!

How much of the earth is covered with water? A third? A half? No, three quarters of the planet we live on is covered with water. We can afford to waste a little, right? Take a bath, switch on a hose, crack open a hydrant – we have so much water we’re drowning in it! Erm, no, not really. Have you ever asked yourself how much of that water is fresh, drinkable water? Of those billions of gallons we have on the planet, only 3% is fresh water,

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