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Microwave Ovens. Are they safe? Are they Environmentally Friendly?

Microwave ovens are tested for radiation and are monitored for the presence of harmful levels of radiation, and there are guidelines to limit the amount of microwaves that could leak from an oven over its lifetime. Microwave ovens should be used as directed, and maintained in good order. They are built to not leak, but seals and catches around the door should be in good working condition and the door shouldn't be warped. Older models can be checked for leaks. Home radiation meters are not very reliable so take it to be checked if you are concerned. Some recommend not standing close to a working microwave for long periods, just in case!

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Ideas for Repurposed Storage

We all need to hide our clutter somewhere and there are many new options, but sadly, most of them are plastic. Cheap storage need not cost the environment precious resources and can be carbon neutral. It’s just a question of thinking outside the box, but still thinking it’s used like a box after all. Repurposed storage is stylish and unique and is totally a matter of looking at something and seeing what its use is to you, rather than what

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