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How Meditation Improves Your Life

We live in a busy and hectic world. Our obligations and responsibilities pile on one another, and we have less and less time every day to focus on ourselves. Have you noticed how often do you try to squeeze some “me time” into another obligation you have? You create your weekly schedule while folding the laundry, reading a book while cooking lunch or trying to catch up with the work tasks while keeping an eye on your children. Who has the time to relax when you have so much to do? But, relaxation is extremely important. It will help you to bring better decisions, live the healthier life and reduce your stress level.

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Eco Travel and Green Vacations

Travel and vacations can cause a dilemma for those who try to live the eco-friendly lifestyle as they are likely to increase our carbon footprint . The most eco-friendly solution for a vacation is possibly a Stay-cation, a vacation at home - either to sleep in our own beds, camp in the back yard, or in other accommodation close to home. We can take a break from day to day life, relax, explore the local area, visit local attractions, without

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Taking your family Eco-friendly Camping

When thinking of cheap holidays it’s easy to think of camping as an economical solution to having a great holiday, and it can be. Camping is an extremely popular activity, but sometimes is not that great for the environment. We are tempted to bring a lot of equipment with us that uses consumables, then relax and think that the maid service will come so you can leave wrappers all over the site. When camping always pretends you’re in the rough

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