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How Sustainable Are Big Companies?

Do you drink a Starbucks coffee in the morning? What about when you don't have time to cook something and you grab a quick burger from McDonalds? What about Coca-Cola? Apple? Do you know if these big companies are trying to better our environment? Or do they just keep it hush hush?

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Green Your Screen: No TV – No Problem

The term sustainability covers a myriad of principles and aspects of our everyday lives. Living a green life isn’t just about buying organic food, unplugging electrical equipment when not in use and keeping worm vermiculture under your sink, it’s about building up a community and creating a simple life. Sustainability principles are more than creating a natural place to exist in, it’s about creating a way of life that enriches the

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Future Eco Engineers

Throughout time engineers have found solutions to problems -  inventing and adapting as the human race progressed.    We take for granted the many inventions that are now so much a part of our every day lives, including our methods of transport and communication.  computers, gadgets and appliances.  Having to do without them ranges from being an inconvenience, to the end of the world as we know it .  A flat tyre, a power outage/ cut, the

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Helping our children to make the world a better place

According to a well known saying, you can’t teach old dog new tricks. You probably could, but the optimum time is during puppyhood. Many of us have learned our eco lifestyle priorities later in life. That doesn’t mean we are to be compared to old dogs, but that childhood is a good time to be learning about and living a green lifestyle.  Children learn by watching, and doing. When we were children my father had an oft repeated phrase of

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Natural Ways to Cleanse your Kids

Soap seems to be a thing of the past. Now that showers are becoming more commonplace, which is great for water conservation, the use of soap is dropping. For some reason we seem to think that bubble bath and body wash are made from… well, liquid soap, but we would be wrong – Oh! So wrong! Comparing soap to body wash is the same as saying that cotton and nylon are essentially brother and sister in chemical make-up. Body washes and bubble

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Encouraging Your Kids to be Green Kids

We all want a better and healthier world for our future generations to grow up in, but it’s not something that comes overnight. It’s easy to think that someone else will model earth friendly behaviors, respect for the environment and other essential attitudes that care for the world that we live in, but the truth is – they won’t. If you want a better healthier world you must be the one to teach and model conscientious behavior.  It

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