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How Sustainable Are Big Companies?

Do you drink a Starbucks coffee in the morning? What about when you don't have time to cook something and you grab a quick burger from McDonalds? What about Coca-Cola? Apple? Do you know if these big companies are trying to better our environment? Or do they just keep it hush hush?

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Leave Only Footprints: Eco-friendly travel

With the ever growing pollution problem compromising air quality around the world, the oceans filling up with plastic and overuse and pollution of our waterways, leaving our earth the way nature intended is getting harder. Traveling is always fun but do you leave anything there? Do you leave things are you found them? Do you drop some sustainable practices as they are more inconvenient when you travel? Travel is a great education, but our

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How to Green Up Your Vacation

While environmental consciousness certainly starts at home, it doesn’t have to end there. Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally you can still maintain a green lifestyle even on vacation. Being eco-conscious on vacation doesn’t mean you can only hike or camp, though those are great activities for nature lovers. However, if you’re not into either of those activities there are still plenty of ways you can reduce your

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See the world and still travel green

Travel is bug that gets to you. But with huge fuel guzzling planes, trains and automobiles leaving huge carbon scars on the planet, how can you be a earth conscious traveller? There are many different ways to travel in an eco-friendly way, it could be going on a volunteer trip and helping the locals there, supporting a green tourist initiative or it could be investing in a eco-friendly hotel or lodge. Travelling doesn’t have to cost the

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