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Fall in the Park

Calgary is beautiful in the fall. We have so many wonderful colours with people enjoying the last of the sunshine before winter sets in. Our amazing Video journalist, Sam, went to Prince's Island to capture the beautiful Bow River and see what he could find in Fall at the park.

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Fish Creek Provincial Park

Fish Creek Park is one of the biggest urban parks in Canada. In 1873 John and Adelaide Glenn set up a small trading post in Fish Creek, and planted crops to start up a settlement. Two years later, Glenn and Livingston planted the first cereal crops and created the irrigation system in Alberta. As a great resting point between Fort Benton and Fort Calgary, Fish Creek supply farm began to grow and offered trading and housing to travelers. This was

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Fun Things to do With Your Family at the Park

With obesity on the rise and a plethora of electronic entertainment that means they don’t even have to leave the couch, a trip to the park regularly may be just the thing your family needs to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Parks a becoming less used due to the popularity of indoor entertainment, so starting a healthy revival in your family will help you keep fit and keep the green spaces open for public use. It’s a great chance to get the

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