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How Calamus Oil Is Beneficial to You

As we all know that calamus plant has long been available to us since ancient times. Calamus is a perennial herb which is native to Acoraceae family of genus Acorus. Initially, it was grown around the mountains of Central Asia for using not only in Ayurveda but also in various traditional Chinese medicines. Though, the whole plant of calamus is considered to be highly beneficial as it has many benefits but so does its oil.

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Ecofriendly flooring

Over time eco-friendly has evolved from boring, bland, and not so exciting designs, to intriguing and beautiful. Manufactures have really stepped up to meet the demands of their environmentally savvy clients. Have you ever thought of cork as a floor material? Cork is harvested from cork-oak tree in the sustainable forests of the Mediterranean. To obtain the cork the tree isn’t chopped down as it is the bark that is used, which ensures that

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