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How Calamus Oil Is Beneficial to You

As we all know that calamus plant has long been available to us since ancient times. Calamus is a perennial herb which is native to Acoraceae family of genus Acorus. Initially, it was grown around the mountains of Central Asia for using not only in Ayurveda but also in various traditional Chinese medicines. Though, the whole plant of calamus is considered to be highly beneficial as it has many benefits but so does its oil.

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How to Minimize Your Wardrobe

Go through every item in your closet and drawers right now. If you’re like a lot of people, you’ll likely find several items you don’t even remember owning. Guess what? That means you probably have more clothes than you need. So often we end up buying something because it’s on sale or we intend to wear it “one of these days”. Unfortunately, that one day doesn’t happen and in the meantime your closet and dresser are stuffed to the

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Clothing Fashions, Bargains and the Environment

Who doesn't love a bargain either by rummaging through the reduced sale items, discovering a new outlet store, shopping in a favourite low cost clothing store or even in the aisles of the local grocery store. We are notified of sales and reductions, and multiple purchase discounts through our email  in-boxes.  Shopping at online stores means we can buy our bargain clothing without even needing to leave our home - virtual rummaging! Fashions

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Pre-Loved Couture

When it all boils down to it, most of us like to wear clothes. Protective, fashionable and practical, our wardrobes are full of items that cover our modesty and describe our personality. The problem when looking in our closets isn’t a question of fashion, function or need, but how green are our clothes? Earth friendly fabrics are available in wool, fair trade cotton and even bamboo, but they are not everyone’s first choice, even those

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Sustainable clothing

Decades ago, clothes were built to last and styles were timeless. These days, fabrics are cheap, fads are passing, and the realities of our disposable wardrobes are stark. Sustainable fashion means you’ve been given the information of where the clothing comes from, who makes it and what it’s processed with to ensure the item is worthy of the eco-friendly message it’s sporting. Organic Cotton is cropping up everywhere including retail

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