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How Calamus Oil Is Beneficial to You

As we all know that calamus plant has long been available to us since ancient times. Calamus is a perennial herb which is native to Acoraceae family of genus Acorus. Initially, it was grown around the mountains of Central Asia for using not only in Ayurveda but also in various traditional Chinese medicines. Though, the whole plant of calamus is considered to be highly beneficial as it has many benefits but so does its oil.

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder – Tips for Natural Beauty

A quick scan of the latest daily newspapers and glossy magazines  highlights the values and  priorities of our society which rely on consumerism, be it the latest clothes, hair and beauty trends or even luxury goods including shiny fast cars,  glamorous homes, and amazing vacation locations.  It seems as though these ‘things’ make us beautiful, but we are surrounded by man made pictures which define beauty.  Celebrities and models

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Allergy to Cosmetics

For many people, the purpose of cosmetics and toiletries is to make us look good and feel clean. They are used safely by millions by men and women of all ages and skin types, worldwide. While many people have no problem, mild rashes and irritation are quite common and often go unrecognized. Irritant and allergic reactions may occur for anyone. Irritant reactions reflect a damaging effect of the cosmetic or toiletry on the skin. An example of

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Why Organic Cosmetics?

It’s easy to think of being green in the way we use energy or the food we eat, but what about other aspects of our lives that can be overlooked? What about the clothes we wear or the makeup we use? They are put directly on to our skins so deserve to be the highest quality of natural products and need to be produced in a sustainable way. We use cosmetics almost from the moment we wake up. Just think of the number of cosmetics you use—face

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Beauty from the kitchen sink

Every morning people round the globe use substances to help their skin, and hair, but in reality those chemical laden tubes and tubs aren’t all that great for our skin and hair, and also harm our environment. There are many different alternatives that are not only good for our earth but also wonderful for your own skin and hair. If you’re a person who has dry skin, or those wrinkles that come with age or needs something moisturizing for

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How Natural are Natural Cosmetics?

Your body is wrapped in a living, dynamic, waterproof layer that protects from the weather, sun, spills, splashes – from most things, yet is still alive enough to absorb, breathe and keep our body healthy. Human skin needs to be cared for to perform these functions well, so choosing natural cosmetics seems like the logical choice in keeping your skin organic and healthy. The average woman will absorb 30 lbs of moisturizer in her first 60

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