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5 Apps to Help You Be More Eco-Friendly

For those serious about being greener, there are 101 things to track from the carbon footprint on your food source to energy consumption. If you’re just starting out, all of this can seem a bit overwhelming. Even those who are more experienced don’t necessarily keep track of everything. Luckily, there are now dozens of apps that can help you organize your eco-consciousness a bit better. If you’re need of a little assistance, these five apps can help you stay aware and on track for a greener life.

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Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens Repairs and Upgrades its Walking Paths with Porous Pave XL

Re-coating Old Asphalt with the Pour-in-Place Permeable Paving Material Makes the Paths Safer and More Comfortable Visitors to Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens, one of eastern Pennsylvania’s horticultural and environmental treasures, stroll along 1.2 miles of woodland paths to enjoy five distinct garden areas. In September 2015, the Arboretum re-coated 21,000 square feet of the old asphalt paths with Porous Pave XL. An eco-friendly green

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Five Green Smartphone Chargers

Smartphones have become almost the standard in today’s world. In fact, there are already close to 3 billion smartphone users worldwide. While this technology has taken the world by storm, it also has some long-lasting impacts on the environment. The materials needed to build these phones require significant mining and electricity to form them into workable materials. One of the best ways to reduce our overall environmental impact is to simply

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Porous Pave – The Pour-in-Place Recycled Permeable Paving Material

Addition of New Distributors Makes Eco-Friendly Recycled Porous Pave Available in Western Canada and Ontario   GRAND RAPIDS, MI–(Marketwired – Jul 28, 2015) – Porous Pave, Inc. has added two new distributors in Canada for Porous Pave, the company’s highly porous, flexible and durable pour-in-place pavement material. The new distributors are Brico Services (British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan), and J&J Porous

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The Good, The Bad and the Wacky – Eco inventions.

Some inventions are so amazing that we wonder how we lived without them.  Some are just so simple they are brilliant, whilst others are more complex.  Some we wish we had invented.  Others we were planning to invent until someone beat us to it.  The same can be said of recent Eco inventions. Some, however, might lead us to wonder who on earth could have imagined they were a good idea, let alone who on earth would be interested in using them.

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Green Technology You Cannot Live Without

The world of technology is changing rapidly and we all realise that as we struggle to work out our newest remote control or functions on a washing machine, but the best thing about all these innovations is that sustainable ideas are becoming mainstream. Research and development departments all over the globe are investing in ways to improve our lives using sustainable, reusable or recycled technology. At the annual Consumer Electronics Shows

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