Recycling : UpCycling

5 Upcycling Ideas to Reuse Household Items

Many of us might have the recycle part down in the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ mantra, but a great way to cover all three Rs is to upcycle old household items. Upcycling isn’t necessarily a new concept, but it has been gaining traction over the years because of its endless flexibility.

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Recycling – Where Does the Plastic REALLY go?

Reduce, reuse, recycle is something that we all try and live our lives by. The commitment we have to keep the earth we live on renewed, green and organic means that we have to always keep the principles of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ at the forefront of our minds. Like the other aspects of our lives, sometimes the best course of action is not clear – which is better? Reduce? Reuse? Recycle? Aren’t they all as good as each other? Sadly, no,

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China – A Global Warning About the Environment

The economic sleeping dragon has awakened, leaving trails of environmental disaster and pollution on its trail. With the immense and sustained growth of the People's Republic of China since the 1970s and today’s modernization, environmental degradation and pollution becomes a normal issue in the country. The New York Times in an article written by Joseph Kahn and Jim Yardley describes China’s pollution problem as, "Environmental

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Industrial Recycling a Must for a Healthy Canadian Environment

As Canadians we are usually proud of living in a modern industrial society and the things we have achieved in the world. It is our right and privilege. No one can deprive us of it. However, we also have the duty of protecting our community from the negative effects of our industrial waste on environment. It is time for people to raise their own awareness of the evil effects of industrial waste on the environment not only in our country but also

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Recycled Asphalt

Nearly 11 million tons of asphalt shingles are scrapped each year; 10 million from installation tear-offs and re-roofing jobs and another one million discarded as waste by asphalt shingle manufacturers. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that shingle waste makes up 8 percent of the total building-related waste stream and 1 to 10 percent of annual construction and demolition debris, representing a tremendous burden to landfills across

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