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5 Upcycling Ideas to Reuse Household Items

Many of us might have the recycle part down in the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ mantra, but a great way to cover all three Rs is to upcycle old household items. Upcycling isn’t necessarily a new concept, but it has been gaining traction over the years because of its endless flexibility.

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Upcycling for the Working World

Online crafting sites are awash with ideas to turn your old sofa into a super smart solar panel or your unused jeans into a chicken coup, but what about commercial recycling? The power of residential upcycling is in the fact that there are many people all over the world frantically chopping, gluing and refashioning waste to keep the same items out of landfill. It is the sheer volume of people making the same thing out of the same used material

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Post-Consumer Waste in the Office

There is an increasing amount of green office supplies available on the market and many of them are made out of ‘Postconsumer waste’. Binders, staplers and scissors can all be made out of material that is labelled as Postconsumer waste, but what is the difference between this and regular recycled material and how does it affect the environment? Recycled material is usually material that is reused that was a bi product of the manufacturing

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The power of a tiny can

We have all seen those tiny recycling bins around the office every so often, but who would have known that those tiny cans could make a profound impact on our environment. At Greybar, a leading North American distributor of electrical, communications, data networking and security products, they instituted desk side recycling cans which surprisingly helped the company recycle. According to Christopher Laughman, Graybar’s corporate facilities

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