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Attention, Behaviour, Food, and Environment: Helping Children Thrive

In many ways, September is the beginning of the year for families with growing children. While most parents look forward to seeing their children go back to school, some children find the transition to a more structured school environment difficult.

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Acupuncture – My journey into an alternate health care universe

I sat in the doctor’s office, listening as she listed symptoms associated with the condition from which I’d recently learned I suffered. I’d been enduring puzzling symptoms for months, including fatigue, mild depression, weight gain, and hair loss. I’ll admit it, it was the hair loss that sent me to the doctor’s office in a panic, demanding a full blood work-up. The result? Hypothyroidism. It’s a condition that affects many

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6 Proven Benefits of Acupuncture

When was the last time your doctor wrote out a prescription for massage therapy, aromatherapy or acupuncture? The likelihood is… never. Unless your medical practitioner is a Holistic therapist, alternative therapies are at best not considered as an appropriate treatment, and at worst, viewed as unscientific and unproven old wives tales. Acupuncture has been a successful therapy for over 5,000 years, and continues to work well where chemical

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