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Attention, Behaviour, Food, and Environment: Helping Children Thrive

In many ways, September is the beginning of the year for families with growing children. While most parents look forward to seeing their children go back to school, some children find the transition to a more structured school environment difficult.

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Why Try Reflexology?

Sometimes we all have some health problems that we want to solve as quickly as possible which is why we take medicine. But a lot of these problems can be solved without visiting a doctor or taking in any kind of chemicals. More and more people are discovering the benefits of alternative treatments. These treatments can be as beneficial as those that come from what is considered ‘traditional’ medicine, which is ironic as alternative therapies

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Dr. Marianne Trevorrow

Are you looking for help for environmental or food allergies, more energy and zest for life, help with menstrual or postpartum symptoms or menopause? Or perhaps you are searching for someone who can work with your child with ADHD, autism, other developmental or mood problems? Dr. Marianne has worked successfully for almost a decade with patients throughout the life span, including infants or young children with allergic, mood, or developmental

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The Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Tai Chi

T'ai Chi Ch'uan or Tai Chi have been around Chinese culture for a very long time, with debates regarding its history is even being discussed by scholars. According to modern research, the history of Tai Chi and its three philosophies started out in the 17th-century article called "Epitaph for Wang Zhengnan" (1669), composed by Huang Zongxi (1610–1695 A.D.), as the earliest reference indicating any connection between Zhang Sanfeng and the Tai

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A Pound of Prevention and an Ounce of Cure – Homemade Cold Remedies

Immune System Boosters and Homemade Cold Remedies to Get You Through Winter Winter is tough enough without having to endure the misery of a cold. Thankfully, there are more effective measures available to you than running for cover whenever someone sneezes, and you’ll find them as close as your refrigerator! Cruciferous Veggies:  Not only do these diet dream-boats blow the top off nutritional charts (go ahead and look – you’ll be

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Holistic Medicine 101

Holistic medicine has changed its appearance in the last two decades and has moved more into the mainstream as people are becoming more educated about their own health, and take more responsibility for it. A holistic approach to medicine considers the whole person and treats the whole person, not just the body, but the body, mind, spirit and the emotions. Symptoms are not treated alone, the causes are divined and the complete body is put into

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