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Baby Massage: a natural green way to bond and promote good health

Across many cultures and over many centuries, parents have loved and cared for their babies. Methods and practices, even baby fashions, come and go, often going full circle and returning again. Baby massage is one of those baby care practices. It is a method has been so simple, and so successful around the world and across the generations that thankfully today's parents are also embracing these methods and spending time massaging their babies. Baby massage is good for baby, good for parents and even good for the environment.

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Healthy Skin from the Inside

If your eyes are the window soul then your skin is a window to your body. You can tell the health of your body by the way your skin looks, reacts and feels. As the largest organ in the human body it absorbs a large amount of the nutrients and fats we eat. We need to eat healthily to keep it glowing and in good condition, but some foods are better than others at nourishing the skin. Blueberries Blueberries are an excellent source of age defying

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A Healthy Revolution

We are in the midst of a healthy revolution where people are learning how their bodies work, then establishing patterns of what is best to keep them in good health. One way that people have empowered themselves is by understanding the way that the body processes the food it ingests, and what is needed to keep it at optimum health, and eradicating what is not. The study of food at this level is known as nutrition, and someone who teaches this

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