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Attention, Behaviour, Food, and Environment: Helping Children Thrive

In many ways, September is the beginning of the year for families with growing children. While most parents look forward to seeing their children go back to school, some children find the transition to a more structured school environment difficult.

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Spruce Up Your Senior Years with Massage Therapy

Suddenly everyone is getting massage therapy, and bragging about how it takes away their pain, makes them more flexible and just makes them feel better.  Massage therapy can help many people, especially with muscle stiffness and pain which as you get older becomes more and more debilitating.  The therapist will work on stiff and sore spots releasing tension, in some cases even releasing sore spots that have lingered for years. Massage helps

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Increasing your Health Span – with Your Health Span

Your Health Span was established by Jill Burk, a local massage therapist, in 2007 after the demand for her unique home massage service was so great she needed to employ more people to satisfy the demand. “For many people finding the time to fit in massage is another stressor, driving to and from an appointment and getting child care can all conspire to keep us from taking care of ourselves in a natural, sustainable way,” comments Jill,

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Why A Healthy Lifestyle Includes Massage

One of the key elements of a healthy lifestyle is eating clean. Your eating habits can vastly influence your lifestyle if you don’t rethink your eating choices. Though eating healthy is truly important, it still doesn’t stand for you having a totally healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes many different elements one of which we’ve already pointed out. A healthy lifestyle also implies effectively dealing with stress that might

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Why Choose an Organic Massage?

Massage has been a favoured therapy for thousands of years all over the world. It has soothed tired muscles, refreshed minds, healed bodies and rejuvenated emotions from the very first touch and continues to be used as it is a therapy that works. Massage is particularly effective when combined with essential oils as the healing properties from the oils stimulate the chosen benefit and bring about a relaxing, holistic healing. But why make a

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