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Baby Massage: a natural green way to bond and promote good health

Across many cultures and over many centuries, parents have loved and cared for their babies. Methods and practices, even baby fashions, come and go, often going full circle and returning again. Baby massage is one of those baby care practices. It is a method has been so simple, and so successful around the world and across the generations that thankfully today's parents are also embracing these methods and spending time massaging their babies. Baby massage is good for baby, good for parents and even good for the environment.

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Yoga – An Exercise or Alternative Medicine?

The movement of Yoga as an exercise gains momentum every year and retains its roots from India where it is used as an exercise and a medical practice. The exercises are based on holding a pose of low impact physical exertion based around stretching, increasing flexibility, stamina and circulation of blood around the body. Along with the physical aspects of yoga, exercises can involve meditation, imagery, breath work, music and is a complete life

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