Hydro Electric Power

Hydro electric energy is the world’s most frequently and longest used renewable energy source, we as humans have been using for centuries. In an environment where we are fast using our fossil fuels and damaging the earth, renewable hydroelectric energy is a light at the end of the tunnel.

In simple words, hydroelectricity is the process of using water in a turbine to create electricity. Usually it is used by damming a river to create a great height, this means that by building the wall it creates a constant flow of water. By this constant flow of water it can generate electricity around the clock naturally. Hydroelectricity is very similar to wind power but more reliable because wind power is only generated when its windy, by using a dammed river it can generate electricity all the time because of the constant flow of water.

Hydroelectric power can be created at a lot lower price, and has long lasting effects. To build a plant is quite costly, but the price from then on is very low as the water does most of the work for nothing. Hydroelectric plants do last a lot longer too, because the substance used to create the energy, is timeless and the simplicity of the engine. They are easy to monitor and run, and offer an effective alternative to fossil fuel plants.

Another great advantage of hydroelectric plants is that there are no emissions, in our world where global warming is a serious problem using hydro plants will help. The hydroelectric plants, and dams will produce no pollution because the only substance being used is completely natural, and water won’t create pollution.

The problem that a lot of people have with hydroelectricity is the reservoir that is formed by the building of the dam. Obviously this is going to flood a large area and make it uninhabitable. The concern is that it destroys the habitat for the animals that live there. There is also the issue of how a dam affects the fish that live in the river. This is especially true of the salmon that need to travel up river to spawn. But there are alternatives. Finding the perfect site can take some time, and hydroelectric power companies are finding great sites without compromising the natural area. Many companies and organizations are working together to preserve the habitat and wild life, and create green, renewable energy without compromising Mother Nature.

These are serious issues to consider and try figure out alternatives for ways that hydroelectric power to work, it is a great, efficient and safe way to preserve the environment.

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