Cleaner spirits to take shaken, or stirred

James Bond may like his dirty martini shaken and not stirred, but it would be so much better if that martini was cleaner, then shaken, not stirred. Organic alcohol made with ingredients produced on farms that don’t use pesticides, or insecticides, is obviously better for your body and more protective of the environment.

Certified farms that produce organic ingredients to make clean, organic alcohol must use production methods without residues that can potentially pollute air, soil, and water. This means that organic alcohol is produced without fertilizers or pesticides makes the risk of cancer or other health related problems lower.

According to Dr. Adolfo Murillo, President and CEO of organic tequila producer Tequila Alquima, chemicals used to speed up alcohol production can leave salts and heavy metals that might make it through to the final product. Organic producers like Murillo try to eliminate these chemicals at all stages, from the field to fermentation and bottling. Murillo believes that because organic alcohols lack such compounds, drinkers will tend to feel diminished hangovers. More research needs to be done to prove that organic alcohol does diminish hangovers, but evidence suggest that by drinking organic alcohol there will be less chance of a serious hangover.

There are other benefits then just health, and fewer hangovers. Organic alcohol produced from chemical free products is proving to be better for the environment, and especially the soils on the farms. Organic alcohol could be a more ecological solution to not only consumers’ health but also to our environment around us.

As the organic food industry is rising, many organic alcohols are emerging in liquor stores and bars. Making the switch to organic alcohol is more expensive then the non-organic drinks, but also, if you drink a lot of them you will still get a hangover the next day. Research also suggests frequent and high ingestion of alcohol— organic or not— can increase esophageal cancer risks as well as cause liver damage.

Switching to organic alcohol not only reduces the amount of chemicals in your drinks but also in the fields the spirit making crops are grown in, so by drinking organic alcohol you can get the same experience, a superior taste from the natural products used but it’s cleaner for you, and the earth around you.

As always, it is still strongly advised to drink responsibly.

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