Ideas for Repurposed Storage

We all need to hide our clutter somewhere and there are many new options, but sadly, most of them are plastic. Cheap storage need not cost the environment precious resources and can be carbon neutral. It’s just a question of thinking outside the box, but still thinking it’s used like a box after all.

Repurposed storage is stylish and unique and is totally a matter of looking at something and seeing what its use is to you, rather than what it was built for. Let’s consider a few ideas that could stimulate your creative juices to get you looking at used items with a fresh eye, and give then a new lease of life.

Metal Grates

Metal grates are often found at junk shops and recyclers and make great letter racks or picture frame mounts. Clean the grate thoroughly and polish it, or spray paint it to match your décor. These grates can last for years and be colored to match you décor as it changes, or move to a different room and be used for another reason.


By wall mounting an old shutter you can increase the space for correspondence, important notes, photos and art and keep it neat and tidy. If you paint it with chalk board paint it can double as a message center, and add hooks for keys it makes sure everything is where it needs to be as well as keeping clutter out of the room.

Literate Piles

If you are a book worm or magazine collector, rather than boxing up your literature pile it up artistically and wrap an old belt around it, or alligator strap, and use it as a side table. The books are still accessible but out of the way and looking stylish.

Rake It In

If you have a lot of small items a wall mounted old garden rake is great for hanging them from. Jewelry, keys and office supplies can all hang with panache and add to your décor. Painted up to match your room or pitted and rusty, an old rake will add storage, but also style to your room.

Create a Crate

Old crates from wine shops, garage sales and flea markets are great to stack and fix to the wall in eclectic formations to make an eye catching set of shelves. Smaller crates can be put in the wall mounted ones to make shelves and storage for all types of clutter. Left in their natural wood they will match any room, but you can decorate them in any style as they can always be replaced with more repurposed crates. When you have finished, they can be made in to something else!


Old suitcases are extremely versatile and look fabulous repurposed into end tables, night stands and stacked up like drawers. The best thing with suitcase repurposing is that there is copious amounts of storage inside it. You can add legs and make it stand alone, or make a pile of ascending size to fill a corner of room or on top of other furniture.

Sink Drainer

An old sink drainer can be repurposed as office storage with pencils in the cutlery drainer, and paper and correspondence in the rack. You’ll always know where your important paper work is and have it to hand – and very attractively too.

Cribs and Ladders

The side of a crib and the humble ladder both make fantastic shelves when hung on the wall. You can put wood between the rungs to make thicker shelves or lean them against the wall and use them for golf clubs or umbrellas.

There is something strangely satisfying about repurposing old item into a new life, as you know you have made something so personal and so unique that no one else can recreate, but also you have saved something beautiful from the landfill and helped preserve your carbon neutral footprint.


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