Eco-friendly Christmas Decorations

The holiday season has started and Christmas day is quickly approaching. This is a time of the year we wait for all year round. We love everything about it, from finding the perfect gifts, filling our homes with Christmas decorations, enjoying special traditions and our friends and family coming closer together and exchanging presents. What is your favorite part of Christmas season? One of the greatest and most enjoyable traditions of this jolly season is decorating our home and especially the Christmas tree. Year after year we buy and collect various decorations and lights trying to create a special and unique experience.

But, is this really an eco-friendly practice you should be proud of? Of course not. Year after year we create more and more waste in landfills just because we want to create an amazing Christmas experience. Luckily, we don’t have to add more waste this Christmas season. Just implement some eco-friendly practice into your family decorating rituals. Yes, the truth is that it is easier to go to the shopping center and grab some generically produced decorations. They come at many different colors, sizes, styles and prices so most people don’t even consider another option. But, why would you even want to be a part of the masses? Why don’t you try something unique and eco-friendly this holiday season? There are so many different natural and eco-friendly decorating options that you will surely find something that would be as amazing as unique.

Eco-friendly Christmas cards

First things first, start your Christmas season by sending cards to your family members and friends, especially to the ones who live far away and that you will not see during these holidays. A lot of people consider sending Christmas cards a wasteful experience, but how can making your friends and family happy be wasteful? These days when there are so many different eco-friendly options. Did you know that a lot of greeting card manufacturers now print their cards on recycled paper? That is a great and eco-friendly way to show your family that you care about them even though you are not close. You can even show off your creative side and make some homemade card. A lot of people will appreciate them more than professional ones because you invested your personal time and effort into making them. Use last year’s calendar, magazines, kids artwork or any other colorful paper you find along the way. This can even become a family tradition. If you still don’t want to generate any paper waste or gas emissions from posting process, you should consider sending e-cards. Not only they are inexpensive, but they also look amazing.

Christmas ornaments

Decorating the Christmas tree and our home is one of the traditions we look for the most. Isn’t it amazing how we can create magical holiday atmosphere with the just few pieces of decorations? And what is best of all, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a real decorating wonderland. You just need to be creative and imaginative. Just remember not to overdo with the decorations. Cluttered decorations won’t look as beautiful as you think. Keep it simple and beautiful.

Decorate with nature

Why would you spend your money on artificial Christmas decorations when you can let nature to decorate your home? Avoid plastic and generic decorations and choose wood, fruits and greenery to create perfect Christmas spirit. You can’t go wrong when looking for a natural décor, well at least not as long as you don’t choose poison ivy or some other plant that has similar effects. Choose pine cones, tree trimmings, holly, cinnamon sticks and berries and create unique decorations. If you are not really crafty you should just place holly and tree trimmings over picture frames, around your mantelpiece or even as a centerpiece, and decorate the tree with pine cones, cinnamon sticks and berries. But if you have crafty side then grab your gear, use your imagination and create unique decorative pieces like wreaths, garland and ornaments. Almost everything you find on your stroll through the forest can become unique Christmas decoration. Incorporate elements from the outdoors into your home and you will surely manage to create unique atmosphere everybody will be jealous off.

Reuse old decorations

Use your imagination and find a way to reuse and repurpose your old Christmas decorations. You wouldn’t believe how many different decorations you can make from the old ones you have given up on. Luckily, there are so many different tutorials on the internet that can help you with this even if you are not that handy. And the best thing is, not only you will create a totally new look of your home but you will also save money. Have you ever consider doing decoupage? You can use attractive paper and decoupage old Christmas globes and create unique and extraordinary ornaments. You can even give them as gifts. There is nobody who wouldn’t appreciate this thoughtful gesture. Create an amazing centerpiece in a few minutes by filling the glass vase or a bowl with few pieces of old ornaments. Just make sure you pick ornaments that go well with the rest of your décor. Discover more interesting ways for customizing old decorations and create your own winter wonderland.


Christmas lights give that special feeling to our tree, but they can be really wasteful. This is why you should choose energy-efficient LED lighting. Not only they are prettier and safer choice, but also they can help you to save money. They last longer than ordinary traditional bulbs, and they will also save up to 90% on power costs. Just remember, when decorating Christmas tree the lighting system needs to be the first thing you place on the tree. After you place lights, add the garlands and ornaments.

If you don’t want to waste your time by making decoration and you want to buy them, then at least choose eco-friendly Christmas decorations that artists and craftsmen make from recycled or sustainable materials.

Holiday season doesn’t have to be a burden to the environment. With just a little effort, creativity and imagination you can create an amazing eco-friendly experience.

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