Have an Eco-friendly Christmas

Christmas season is just around the corner, and there is no better time than now to do start preparing for it. There is still so much shopping, planning, decorating to do that most of us don’t have time to concentrate on anything else. But, this is also the perfect time to give something back to your planet and make some eco—friendly decisions this Christmas season. Why should our Christmas celebration lead towards an abundance of waste? Between the food, presents, trees, plastic decorations, holiday displays and lights or even packaging materials, it is difficult to figure out which of the Christmas traditions puts the most pressure on the environment. But fortunately, you do not have to be part of these wasteful traditions. Why don’t you give an eco-friendly Christmas experience to your family and friends this year? There are so many wonderful eco-friendly practices that will be an excellent addition to your family traditions.

Have a family discussion

Before implementing changes into your holiday routine, you need to discuss it with your family. Surely everyone in your family will have at least one idea about making this holiday more eco-friendly. Listen to all ideas, create your action plan, share responsibility and you will be ready to have a unique and sustainable Christmas holidays. You must carefully consider and clarify everything, so that on Christmas morning you would not be awakened by angry ten year old who thought you were just kidding when you said that every member of the family will only get one gift this year.

Choose your tree carefully

There are many mixed emotions about what type of Christmas tree to choose. What to choose, live or an artificial Christmas tree? Both types of trees have its advantages and disadvantages. A large number of people believe that the artificial tree is better for the environment because they last longer and they can be used for several years. But unfortunately, they are also made of a type of plastic which is usually not recyclable. Therefore, an artificial tree is not necessarily the best choice. What about a live tree? It depends on several factors, such as how and where it was grown and what will you do with it once the holidays are over. If you want to choose a live tree, the eco-friendly choice is the one that comes from tree farms. These trees are grown specifically for this occasion which is why using them during the Christmas season hasn’t got as major impact as it would if you have gotten it from some unregulated site. The great thing about these farms is that all of these trees are producing oxygen while they are growing so that is big plus for live trees. Consider all the options you have and choose the one that better suits you and your family.

If you choose live Christmas tree, to be sure you have made an eco-friendly decision you’ll need to recycle it once the holidays are over. Check when they city accepts trees for recycling. Once the holidays are over mark it in the calendar and take it to the recycling yard so it can be recycled for wood chips or mulch.

Eco-friendly decorations

Store bought decorations can look amazing, but they are not that eco-friendly as you would like them to be. Christmas decorations give that special touch to the Christmas period and nobody wants to skimp on it. But why should you pollute the environment just to have a nicely decorated home during the holidays, especially when there are so many natural and eco-friendly solutions?

Have you ever considered decorating your home with natural decorations? Fruit, nuts, pine cones and evergreen plants can be an amazing way for decorating your home. They will give you organic and natural touch to your home and you’ll save the money in the process. You can use these decorations as a centerpiece on your table or fireplace mantle or you can even hang it from the tree. Create simple but unique ornaments and your whole neighborhood will watch your holiday decorations with jealousy. You can even decorate your tree with edible ornaments, but if you have a true lover of sweets in the family these decorations will not survive till Christmas. Be crafty and imaginative and bring out the best from your old decorations. They can be recycled or reused in unique ways and with a little effort they can become the best decorations that you will ever have.

You can even organize swap-meeting in your neighborhood. Arrange for all your neighbors, friends and family member to bring their old decorations so you can all swap them. Not only this will help everybody to save money, but it will also be extremely exciting. You’ll never know what you will discover.

Don’t generate paper waste

Did you know that you reuse the last year’s wrapping? Open your presents with care and you’ll be able to use wrapping paper and ribbons all over again. If you are not fond of carefully opening your presents then you probably won’t use it again for wrapping presents, but you can still use it when making decorations. There are so many things you can do with old wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and greeting cards.  You can even use newspapers, comics, junk mail or any other leftover paper as an unique and creative wrapping paper. Your family members and friends will be delighted with the thought that you have put into this gift, and even in its wrapping.

What else you need to know

We all like Christmas lights and enjoy creating interesting displays. But, are you aware how much energy you are wasting when using these lights? You should choose LED lights as an eco-friendly solution for lighting up the holidays. They use less energy and they last longer. There is no reason you should give up from your unique ideas for Christmas display just because you’re trying to reduce your ecological footprint. You just need to come up with a clever way to realize your dreams and be eco-friendly at the same time.

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