How to Have a Green Christmas

Christmas is upon us, and we can hardly wait for it. This is the time where we concentrate on our families and having a great time, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about the environment. All the wrapping paper and packaging we use, the fuel we spent while traveling for holidays or shipping presents, and even the energy we use for Christmas lights is taking a toll on the environment. But, does it have to be like that? We all know that Christmas can be white, but have you ever considered having a green Christmas? The sad truth is that when it comes to the most families Christmas is everything but green. Luckily, you can make first steps towards changing that. You need to invest some effort and with the help of these excellent pieces of advice you’ll be able to create ultimate green Christmas.

Decide what type of Christmas tree is right option for you

People have different opinions about what type of Christmas tree to choose. There are as many different reasons for choosing an artificial tree as they are for choosing the live tree. Nobody can tell you what is the perfect choice for you. Some people believe that artificial trees are a better solution because these can always be reused, but they also have their downsides. For example, they have a limited lifespan which means that after a while you will need to replace it when they wear out. And that is not all, most of them are not made from renewable resources, so that isn’t as sustainable as you would like. But other people wonder how sustainable can be to cut down living trees. The truth is that can be a sustainable solution if you get a tree from a place that was created just for that purpose like Christmas tree farm. One great benefit of live trees is that they contribute to air quality while they are growing. If you decide to get a live tree make sure you choose the one that comes from Christmas tree farms or the forests where trees have been harvested because of forest thinning. Just make sure you recycle it when the holidays are over. Some communities now even offer a free chipping service for trees which can be a perfect green solution for your Christmas tree.

Say goodbye to plastic and generic decorations.

There are so many different options for eco-friendly decorations so why should you settle for those generic and plastic ones. Why don’t you gather your whole family together and make your own Christmas decorations? Not only is this fun and creative but it will also help you to bring your family closer together. Maybe some of these decorations won’t be like those that are commercially produced but they will be unique. You can use recycled different materials like old magazines or papers or even old decorations. There are so many different decorations you can make from recycled materials, you just need to do your research and let your imagination roam free. You can even make edible decorations. Make popcorn and cranberry strings or cookie ornaments in different shapes like stars, hearts, gingerbread men or even Santa.  You can find excellent decorations in the nature. Take a walk through the forest or even your garden to find natural items you can use. Take your pick from various gifts that nature gave us, from pine cones, evergreen plants, twigs, or even some berries. This will look amazing and unique.

Make a right choice when it comes to the wrapping paper.

Do you really want to generate more waste than you should? We are all well aware how much garbage we throw away after unwrapping Christmas gifts. If your home can generate so much waste, can you even imagine what happens on a global level? Now it is time to make a difference. If you need to buy it, try finding the one that is environmentally friendly.  You should avoid using glossy foil or metallic wrapping paper because it is difficult to recycle. The best thing to do is reuse gift wrap if you have a chance. If you make an effort to open gifts with care, you can set it aside and reuse. Store wrapping paper, ribbons and bows in a box, so you won’t have to buy it every year.  You can even find different attractive solutions like making gift bags from fabric or even using comics, old calendars, maps, posters as a unique wrapping paper.

Use your imagination to create unique and eco-friendly gifts.

We all like to get gifts, but they don’t always have to be store-bought. Your friends and family will appreciate the thoughts you put in finding perfect present and not the amount of the money you have invested. Try thinking of a present that would be special to them and not just another generic gift. You can make a gift yourself, but if you don’t believe you are creative enough there are many different stores that sell eco-friendly gifts or even charities you can donate money to in the name of the person the gift is meant for. One of the great creative and green gift-giving ideas is to create Secret Santa tradition. This way you will shorten the list, and make the process of gift-giving a lot easier. Agree on spending limit so everybody will know how much to spend and nobody will have to worry if they are spending too little or too much money.

What about Christmas lights?

We all want our Christmas lights to be special but do you really need to go overboard? You don’t have to light up the whole town with your lights and Christmas display. Go easy, or at least get LED variety lights that use 90% less energy than regular ones. A lot of people leave the lights on during the night, but what is the point in that? Who is going to see them anyway when everybody is sleeping? You are just wasting energy and building up your utility bill.

Having green Christmas can be hard to accomplish, but if you invest a little of your time and effort you’ll soon realize that is worth it. Actions of just one family can make a difference towards healthier and happier planet.

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