Natural Ways to Cleanse your Kids

Soap seems to be a thing of the past. Now that showers are becoming more commonplace, which is great for water conservation, the use of soap is dropping. For some reason we seem to think that bubble bath and body wash are made from… well, liquid soap, but we would be wrong – Oh! So wrong! Comparing soap to body wash is the same as saying that cotton and nylon are essentially brother and sister in chemical make-up.

Body washes and bubble bath, like nylon, are made up of complex man-made chemicals, in this case detergents, to simply wash off our dirt. Detergents are made in a factory from chemicals such as sodium laureth sulphate and cocami-dopropyl betaine (the latter is also a penetration enhancer, allowing other chemicals to be more easily absorbed); preservatives such as tetrasodium EDTA, a potential irritant; and methylchloroisothiazolinone (both potential mutagens substances that speed up gene mutation).These detergents are the same ones that are used in heavy industry, just at a lower concentration. Think about it, the same detergents that are used to remove dirt from oil rigs, mining operations and oil spills are being liberally splashed on to your skin and being lathered up – daily.

Bubble bath and body wash are essentially the same chemical cocktail with artificial fragrances mixed in. These fragrance chemicals are known to cause skin irritation, allergic skin reactions and headaches. In the U.S., they carry a public health warning of the possibility of skin irritation and urinary tract infections. Cleaning you and your kids should not be this complex or this dangerous.

Soap, on the other hand is, made of natural materials with very little modification. Soap is a much more natural option, but making body wash for you and your kids from natural ingredients is a earth friendly and safe idea too.

Here is a base recipe for a natural bubble bath, gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

What you need

  • 750ml/3 cups of liquid Castille soap
  • 15g/2 tbsp fine sugar
  • 20g/ 4 tbsp glycerin
  • optional: 1 level tsp of beet powder or turmeric for color
  • essential oils
  • mixing bowl
  • large bottle
  • a funnel

What to do 

Stir together all the ingredients, except the essential oil, and add the colouring if you wish. When the sugar has completely dissolved, place the bowl in a cool, dry place for approximately 24 to 30 hours. Once the mixture has been allowed to cure, add the essential oil fragrance and funnel into a bottle to store.

You can add any essential oil combinations you require, but lavender, rose and geranium are great choices that relax you and soften the skin. Experiment and find out the fragrance combination you love, or leave it plain and add fragrance as you draw up the bath. Then you can have a different bath every time.

This is a body wash that will be kind to your skin, nourish and cleanse it, and smell fabulous without any worries about negative effects on one of the most important organs in the body.

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