The Power of Possession Taming

Life seems to be running away with us. Most people now live at a speed previous generations would have thought perilous, with the honest people around us taking a good look at their lives and realizing – they were right. There is a product or service that vies for attention to cram every single second of our lives with something to do, see or buy and the unaware are seduced by the ‘Ooh! Shiny’ marketing that comes with them. It’s hard not to get into a position where your possessions begin to dictate to you what to buy, when to buy it and how much you need it. All of us could learn a lot from the power of possession taming.

One of the biggest problems that has bought us to be slaves to our possessions is the fact that we have lost our focus on what is important. By clever marketing and a natural need to be better than the anonymous person sitting next to us, we have put a higher value on what we own rather than who we are. It’s time to buy back our souls by cultivating a minimalist attitude to our possessions and regaining the simple pleasures in life we have forgotten.

Every aspect of your life can do with an irreverent ‘anti-possession’ make over, but a great place to start is with your wardrobe. Do you really need all those t-shirts? If you live on a beach in sunny California … ok, you might, but keeping the t-shirt all your graduating class signed, or the one you wore when you came off your bike on and met your third girlfriend are not going to be worn again. Do you need to keep them? Why not take a photo, file it away under, “Yes kids, I really was wild and wreckless once’, album on your computer and either give the t shirt to an old friend who was sick the last day of the semester or make a quilt out of them and actually use them!

Use the rule of ‘two or seven’. If you have seven of any one clothing item – why do you need any more? That’s one a day for a whole week, and if you have so many you can’t decide which seven to keep, count down seven from the one on top. They are the last ones you last wore in order of preference, and the ones below that probably haven’t seen the light of day since Thanksgiving… 2007.

If you have two of anything ask yourself, ‘why?’ More than two sets of measuring cups is not legal requirement for any home dwelling, so get rid of the duplicates! Crisis shelters and home charities are often crying out for kitchen items like these to set up people in difficult circumstances in new homes, so feel the freedom of owning less and help someone else in need as you do. Double superhero points!

Getting rid of the excess that clutters your life is really liberating. It really is a case of less is more. Less possessions does not give you less choice, but more time and mental energy to devote on the things that really matter.  Now you don’t have to take any time to decide what you need to wear in the morning, you have a choice from the best clothes in your closet and your clothes begin to take a lower priority in dictating who you are. It’s the same with all the excess in your home.

When you start this possession cleansing it makes the journey personal and achievable, motivating you to move out from here. The feeling of freedom will only increase as you begin to evaluate what is worth keeping, and what isn’t, but you’ll also gain an insight into who you are and what really matters, making minimalism truly the height of sophistication.

A minimalist life is a more simple life which means you avoid all the pitfalls of a complicated one. If you find yourself running from task to task, scratching round for a ‘few’ spare minutes to complete something necessary – what have you got to lose? Just imagine what you can achieve with a less complicated life. You’ll learn to say ‘no’ more often. You’ll be more relaxed and at ease with who you are. You’ll enjoy more self-esteem, more personal time, more exciting experiences, more balance, more money – well, in short, more of a life really.

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