How are Businesses Approaching Sustainability

Going green isn’t just a personal matter these days, many businesses are choosing to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and maintain sustainability.

There are many benefits to going green these days!


Energy in, Energy Out

Companies are seeing the economic advantages to implementing green procedures within their firm. For example, energy consumption is reduced when switching from regular lights to compact florescent lights. Simple things, like switching from paper hand dryers to air dryers and even UV light hand dryers can save a company thousands in paper towels as well as save trees.


Show Love for the Locals

Everyone loves to work with local companies. Not only do you promote your community and get positive exposure of your own firm, but you save on transportation costs. Fostering a relationship with surrounding companies helps employees of a company to see that a firm cares about communities and the well-being of its citizens. It also helps to increase the brand value of a company. After all, everyone always remembers those who play nicely with others.


Many Birds with One Stone

Sometimes, sustainability really is the best way to solve many issues. For example, the thought of using green roofing is beginning to plant seeds in the minds of business owners everywhere. Green roofing is the trifecta as far as sustainability goes–it beautifies the neighborhood by providing green scape, the gardens planted can be food crops, which can be harvested and used locally, and green roofing prevents heat loss in the winter and keeps heat out during summer months. Another perk about installing green roofing to office buildings is that it helps to reduce outside noises up to 50 decibels.

Luckily, key leaders are trying to attract green initiatives and sustainability by providing various incentives to businesses for reforming their current policies and/or implementing new ones. These incentives include tax breaks and grants.


Every Little Thing Helps

Simple things, like having policies about turning off equipment when not in use as well as buying recycled paper adds up. If every office in one major corporation follows the same guidelines, then the company as a whole has saved thousands of dollars.


Home Sweet Home

Technology has helped to increase the possibility of corporations “going green”. Many major firms now offer telecommuter and remote positions in lieu of coming in to the office. Not only does this save on commuter costs (ie. gas, traffic) but it also saves an office hundreds of dollars per person per month on supplies and products. With the increase in online activity, the need for paper and ink has decreased. Employee productivity also goes up because time is being utilized efficiently—there is no standing at the copy machine for ten minutes, water cooler chit chat is eliminated, and no one is ever late for work because they got stuck in traffic.


Companies Become Ambassadors For Good Deeds

When businesses go green, they give the everyday person a chance to help the world on a larger scale. People are becoming aware of the many issues that we face globally. By aligning themselves with greener corporations or with companies that focus on the issues that are important to them, consumers are using their spending money to help promote healthier living and taking care of our communities.

If you think about it, the question isn’t “Why are Businesses Going Green?” but “Why Aren’t Businesses Going Green!!?” There are so many benefits of becoming sustainable. With more and more corporations jumping on board, you can expect to see the above mentioned initiatives as the norm within the next few years. In actuality, it’s one of the best business practices—if you can think of new ways to save environmental resources then finding new ways to save money and resources within your corporation is a piece of cake.




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