What’s In Season? – Fall Harvest

Fall is always the best time of year. The air is getting cooler and crisper, the colors change to beautiful gold and brown and the farmers markets are filled with a gorgeous bounty that delights out senses and fills our stomachs. One question that always springs to mind is how do I know it’s fresh?

Rod Olson from Lyfe and Lyre Urban Farms explains what is in season right now in Calgary:

Buying the crops that are in season help you to get the freshest and tastiest fruit and vegetables with the highest levels of nutrition. Shopping from Farmers markets is the best way to make sure it’s the shortest time lapse since the crop was harvested to you eating it, but also contributes to your meal having a low carbon footprint. It travels less, it supports the local economy and you have a chance to buy the produce without it being wrapped in plastic or cardboard.

It’s a win/win all round.

If you want to know What’s in Season in Alberta at the moment take at look at this handy list:

APPLES, July through October

BEANS, July through September

BEETS, July through March

BLACKBERRIES, July and August

BLUEBERRIES, July and August

BROCOLLI, June into October

BRUSSELS SPROUTS, September through November

CABBAGE, July through March

CARROTS, July through March

CAULIFLOWER, July through September

CELERY, August and September

CORN, July into September

CUCUMBERS, July into September

EGGPLANT, July through September

GREENS, June through October

LETTUCE, June through September

ONIONS, June through September

PEARS, August into October

PEAS, June through September

PEPPERS, July into September

POTATOES, June into October

PUMPKINS, August into November

RADISHES, June through August

RASPBERRIES, July into September

RHUBARB, June into August

RUTABAGAS, August through March


STRAWBERRIES, June into September

TOMATOES, June into September

TURNIPS, August through March

WINTER SQUASH, August through February

ZUCCHINI AND SUMMER SQUASH, July through September

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