Fish Creek Provincial Park

Fish Creek Park is one of the biggest urban parks in Canada. In 1873 John and Adelaide Glenn set up a small trading post in Fish Creek, and planted crops to start up a settlement. Two years later, Glenn and Livingston planted the first cereal crops and created the irrigation system in Alberta. As a great resting point between Fort Benton and Fort Calgary, Fish Creek supply farm began to grow and offered trading and housing to travelers. This was the beginning of Fish Creek Park which became a provincial park in 1975 so that the city of Calgary had somewhere they could enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.

There is a criss crossed pattern of pathways, hikes and trails all the way through the park that offers every facility you need for a great day out. There are viewpoints, swimming, golf, restaurants, playgrounds, boat launch, plenty of picnic areas and vast areas of beautiful scenery. Whatever you need, Fish Creek Park has it all. Camp fires are allowed, but not in all areas and not during dry weather.

Before you plan your trip it’s a good idea to look at the map and information on the parks official website as it details information like trail etiquette and services so you know how to keep it free of waste, as natural as possible and get the most enjoyment out of your time there. The park is a large area offering different scenery at different places. If you are looking for one type of scenery, take a look before you go and plan accordingly.

The park contains an environmental center that is staffed during events, presentation and programs, but is closed to the public when school groups are present. It offers some great information during educational events during the season which are published on the internet. There is also an aquatic area which is safe for swimming, but once again, consult the rules widely available for child safety and always be water wise.

Fish Creek Park can teach you so much about the environment we live in, so take the time to spend a day there. You can see nature as it is intended to be but please, take all litter away with you and treat the area with respect. We want to be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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