What is a Fat Bike? And why all the hype?

Article by: Cactus Bike and Ski

If you have lived in Canada for even one winter season then you are fully aware of how long winter can truly be. Like most Canadians, initially we stay indoors all bundled up. But after only a few days that becomes dreadfully boring. We start to break out the toboggans, skies, snowshoes and bikes. Yes that’s right… bikes! Well not just any bike but the one and only Fat Bike! The fat bike craze has taken over the winter dreariness and added some serious pleasure. If you’ve never seen a fat bike, you’ll surely see one this season. Essentially it appears like a normal mountain bike on steroids. I’m sure you’re wondering if these bikes are any fun. From my own personal experience I can assure you that Fat Bikes are a surreal amount of excitement! First off because of the large tires, the riding becomes almost effortless with loads of traction. Secondly you can hit up fresh patches of snow that no other human has laid eyes on.


If you live anywhere near Calgary, then you have probably heard of a hamlet called Bragg Creek. It is nestled in the foothills at the base of the rockies. Bragg Creek backs onto Kananskis country, which is a host for all the riding trails you can imagine. You will find a comradery of fellow riders out there ranging from all skill level and ages. Fat bikes are the fun you are looking for – all year long!


If you are interested in testing out this insanely fun sport please come visit us at Cactus Bike and Ski. We can help you find the perfect fit bike for you! Fat Bikes typically range in price from $1699 and up depending on how technical and advanced you are.


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