Green Industrial Cleaning

One of the stigmas attached to green industrial cleaners is that as they lack harmful chemicals that they are not as efficient in doing an effective job. This is no longer the case. Green industrial cleaners are just as effective as their pollutant counterparts, but have the added bonus of being biodegradable – in most cases to 100% of its content. This is not only great news for the environment, but also great news to employers, as the natural nature of green industrial cleaning products means that they need no special training, handling, shipping or storage requirements and register zero on MSDS, so are completely safe to be used by the workforce.

The advances in bimolecular sciences mean that it will not be too long before there is an environmentally friendly solution that is 100% biodegradable for all cleaning materials, reducing the carbon footprint on the earth and significantly reducing pollution.

Environmentally friendly industrial cleaning products are widely available for most soiled situations, but are much more effective, as the end result is not just cleaning up of the soil, but a neutralization of the contaminant leaving behind zero pollution.

Here are a few areas that benefit from Green industrial cleaning products.


Oil deposits that are left unchecked are corrosive to the fabric of an oil rig. It takes consistent and vigilant care to keep the oil from building up and rendering the oil rig unprofitable to operate. Plant based cleaning solutions are effective and easy to use, but also environmentally friendly. These green cleaners contain Micelles which, when mixed with water, bind with the oil and grease and break it down from the inside. It coats the outside with a protective colloidal suspension that allows the broken down molecules to be rinsed away where naturally occurring bacteria in the suspension continues the degrading process until it is completely neutralized. These plant based and earth friendly cleaning solutions make the oil and grease 100% biodegradable.


One of the inherent dangers in working in a liquid energy environment is the accidental spills that can occur and pose a chemical danger and fire hazard. Standard cleaners add more harmful chemicals onto the already dangerous oil and fuel and are disposed of without being biodegradable. Green industrial cleaners contain Micelles that break down the oil and fuel cells, suspending them in a protective layer that allows them to be washed away to biodegrade within 28 days – easily managed and easily neutralized quickly and efficiently.


Many industrial processes create odors that can be unpleasant and harmful. Traditional industrial deodorizers mask the smell with chemicals rather than remove the cause of the odor. Green industrial deodorizers attack the source of the odor and break it down, whether it is organic or inorganic, allowing it to be removed or biodegrade until it naturally dissolves. The odor is then removed from the source and does not reoccur. An added bonus of plant based green deodorizers is that many of them are food grade substances and safe to use in all settings. In areas where the public are present, or there are animals and employees, these non toxic alternatives are essential to avoid further pollution.


Temporary holding tanks are common in fracturing operations and need to be kept clean to work at optimum efficiency. These tanks are high in pollutant material and green industrial cleaners are the perfect solution for effective cleaning and being kind to the environment. For these types of operations, non-ionic surfactants, held in a colloidal suspension, reduce the surface tension of the water making settling more efficient and the resultant brine free of suspended solids. This saves on disposal and water costs as the brine can be reused again and again. That makes it kind to the earth and economical in your operation.

The nature of green industrial cleaning products means that harmful chemicals are reduced to biodegradable matter leaving no disposal costs but more importantly, no pollution in the environment. There are many green options available for most industrial settings, so take the time to weigh up the effect on the environment, and the ease of operation, before you make your next purchase.

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