5 Proven Reasons You Need to use Organic Hair Care Products

With the growing popularity of green health and beauty items there are many claims around that products are ‘natural’, ‘organic’, or even nearly ‘organic’, making it hard to know what is good for your hair and what isn’t. It’s even harder to know if it’s good for the environment as the impact of the product on the earth resources is rarely revealed on the back of the bottle, because it’s normally not a selling feature. So how do you know if a beauty product is organic and good for your hair?

Here are 5 reasons you need to look for, and use, organic hair products:

1: Natural products do not contain the chemicals proven to be harmful to the body.

Dr Group at the Global Healing Center researched the harmful chemicals in synthetic shampoo and found the ones to avoid completely were:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfates – proven to cause cataracts in adults and abnormal development of the eye in children.
  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate – dries out the scalp by disrupting the chemical balance in the skin and using in industrial cleaning products
  • Derivatives of Lauryl Alcohol – irritates oil glands to control natural production
  • Mureth Sulfate – corrodes hair follicles
  • Propylene Glycol – the active ingredient in antifreeze, though it’s not clear why it is in hair care products
  • Olefin Sulfonate – which is another name for deodorized kerosene. Flammable as well as harmful.

It is so very important to be aware of what you are using on your hair as up to 40% of it will be absorbed into your body and you cannot often detect its damage until it’s too late to correct. By rule of thumb, look on the back of bottle and if you can’t pronounce it – you shouldn’t be using it. Natural products, like the Davines range at M Salon, contain active ingredients you are familiar with, like lavender, chamomile and coconut oil and run no risk of damaging your body as they are all natural.


2: Organic Hair Care Delivers!

Organic products do not exaggerate any ‘magical’ properties – because they don’t have to! The results speak for themselves. The active ingredients in natural products are plant extracts, vitamins and minerals that your body needs. They often mimic the way the body cares for itself causing no disruption or harmful effects as they complement the way the body works. Davines certified organic hair care products are so kind to the body they are made with natural food grade compounds that you can eat it! We don’t recommend that, but we do recommend asking the staff at M Salon to run you through the benefits of the products on your hair and how good they are for your body.


3: They are guaranteed.

To receive an organic certification a product has to go through rigorous testing and need to prove their natural pedigree, often from seed to bottle. There is strict control over labelling, claims and the percentage of organic ingredients allowed to be included. Organic farms that supply the raw ingredients also need to be verified and are checked on a regular basis to uphold the certification. If it says it organic, by law it really is organic and you can be sure it’s good for your hair. IF you are in doubt – ask someone who knows, or at least uses the product often.


4: They are safe.

For centuries natural products have been used to beautify hair and have been proven to work – or they wouldn’t have lasted centuries and been passed down from generation to generation. Natural products have been successfully cleaning and conditioning hair much longer than synthetic ones, and much more successfully. If you have a difficult skin or hair condition it’s hard to find something synthetic off the shelf that doesn’t inflame the problem. If you have an allergy it can be even harder. With natural, organic hair care products you can rest assured that they will not irritate your conditions and have hope that they will even soothe them. Natural herb extracts and oils like jojoba, tea tree, shea butter, aloe vera and geranium are well accepted by the body and are so mild that they can be used safely on children. It’s worth seeking out all natural products you can for your hair and finding one that works for you, or take a consultation from the talented staff at M Salon who know their products.


5: They love the environment.

As there are no unnatural substances in organic hair care products they are safe for the environment in every way. When they are washed away they biodegrade quickly and naturally without harming the environment. If you can find a company that is powered by alternative energy your carbon footprint can be zero. Natural products are proven to be kind to the environment – as after all, they are all natural!

Natural hair care and beauty products are worth seeking out and putting into your hair care routine. They can not only make your hair look healthy, but actually make your hair be healthy with very little effort. They can also go a long way in keeping the environment safe from harmful chemicals and protect it for our future.




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