Why use sustainable hair care products?

The hair care industry is worth a billion dollars and it’s all built on one premise – we all have bad hair days, and for some, bad hair decades. We spend hours trying to tame our tresses to look polished and practical for our lifestyles, but sometimes this means that we tie it back in a ponytail. As we tame, and try, and try and tame, we can only come to one conclusion – a good hair care product is worth its weight in gold.

Whilst we strive for the perfect ‘do’, the one thing we don’t take time to consider is that if we are using standard, chemical based products laden with ingredients you can’t pronounce, those chemicals have the potential to be inhaled and absorbed by our body and by the environment around us. Phthalates, artificial fragrances, aerosols and even Brazilian blowout formaldehyde are all found in standard haircare products. These very same ingredients make us industrial cleaners, it’s just a question of concentration. If you want to avoid the effects of these harmful chemicals, sustainable, green products, like the complete hair care range from Davines, is the only way to go. Beauty and sustainability is achievable and salons like M Salon in Calgary that use sustainable products can show you how.

Davines provide a hair care product for every type of hair need and make sure that it upholds their commitment to minimizing the impact on the environment and not compromising the quality or quantity of natural resources today or tomorrow. Even the energy they use to produce their product is powered by 100% clean, renewable energy and they are committed to a zero carbon footprint for all their products, in production, disposal and post use. They offer a complete green service in their ethics, manufacturing processes, research and even offer sustainable beauty days via their stockists that take place after the salon has closed to raise funds and awareness of sustainable beauty and support the local environmental projects.

Davines are dedicated to all aspects of green manufacturing, not just creating excellent green products. If we want to share green principles to make them the first choice of the majority, we need to support sustainable companies and help them realize the benefits to people at a personal level.

It is this commitment to quality and the environment that attracts environmentally conscientious hair salons like M Salon to stock Davines products. They can recommend every Davines product and know that it is good for your hair, and good for the planet. To make excellent quality sustainable products, the oils and extracts Davines uses are specifically picked to match the hairs condition. This makes a larger range of products which you should not be overwhelmed by. M Salon are happy to advise which product will be best for your hair and how to make the most of it.

As you switch over from chemical based hair care products to sustainable ones, choose the products you use most frequently and work from there. Don’t be afraid of the amount of oils that there are in sustainable products as they are absorbed more efficiently by the body and do not leave the hair heavy or flat, they help the body regulate itself to promote healthy scalp and hair. BY taking professional advice from people who use Davines for a living you can start off with the right product for your hair – and for the environment.

As we already know, a good hair care product is worth its weight in gold. With Davines and hair care artists like those at M Salon, good sustainable hair care products are worth something more than gold – green gold.

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