Eco-friendly pets

Your pet can be eco-friendly too! Many people have pets, and many people adore their pets, but feel that they don’t need to live a greener lifestyle as you are in control if their choices. There are many ways you can chose that mean your pet can be green too.

As people realize the benefits of ecofriendly living, many pet stores are beginning to sell organic pet food; the other green option is to make your own pet food. Before you start cooking check with your vet to see if your pet needs special dietary need, meat, veggies, eggs, and starch (pasta, rice etc.) make a balanced diet for a cat or dog. Another great way to help your pet go green is to invest in non-plastic bowls, like ceramic, stainless steel, and porcelain. All are great, long lasting and easy to clean substances for a bowl, and are also eco-friendly.

A pet loves to play, but  be careful investing in play toys and always be aware what they are made of. Highly colorful plastic toys could not only be dangerous for your pooch but can also be hard on the environment. Also be careful of choking hazards for your pet. Try look for pet toys that have been recycled, or are made from a more eco-friendly, natural substance, the earth will be grateful for less of a carbon “paw print”

We all know dogs do their business wherever they want, and usually the owner – you – has to pick it up. To be eco-friendly instead of using bags that will just end up at a landfill, try using bags that are biodegradable or water-soluble that you can flush down the toilet. Unlike dog waste, cat waste cannot be flushed, it contains a toxin that could infect water sources and harm some marine animals, instead try investing in kitty litter made from natural ingredients like pine shavings, sawdust, plant or straw pellets, ground corn cobs, and even recycled newspaper which are reasonably priced at your local grocery or pet store. Avoid kitty litter made from clay, clay is extremely bad for the environment and can also be harmful for you cat if ingested.

Another great way to help your pet, and also yourself, is to green clean your house, and pet supplies. Try to avoid cleaning chemicals and sprays that could damage the environment. There are many tips to for natural cleaning agents, but a simple solution of vinegar and water works well, as does lemon juice and water.

Keeping your pet supplies clean will help your pet in many different ways, not least of all avoiding the germs that make them unhealthy. By green cleaning your home you are making a great impact on the environment, and the wellness and happiness of your pet.

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