Hop – Rocking the Closed Loop System in Calgary

Sustainability is built on a sense of community. Local community. It is only by working together and meeting each other needs that we can make the most of the earth resources and take back a healthy lifestyle.

Founder of Hop, Kevin Davies says “The closed loop is a step beyond farm to table. We created Hop so food scraps return from table to farm to sustain the next generation of local food. The closed loop is regenerative agriculture for Calgary, without waste.”

One essential part of sustainable living is creating more Closed Loop Systems in our communities. We are so excited to see that Hop, Grow and the Food Bank in Calgary has worked hard to establish a thriving closed loop system built on sustainability that leads the way for others to follow.

Hop collects organic waste destined for landfills and with a new manufacturing process, makes it into high quality compost. This compost is sold to locals growers but also sent to Grow Calgary to fertilise their fields so they can produce healthy, fresh produce for The Calgary Food Bank so that the people in most need of nutrition have access to it.

Hop says of its pickup service:

“Composting shouldn’t be the focus of any top kitchen. But like a nice side dish, it’s the perfect accent to highlight the leader. Hop’s craft service is designed to minimize distraction and amplify your distinction.

No Sorting

Using the world’s top clean tech, we enable restaurants to compost meat, fish, dairy, and bones, along with standard compost, without sorting. With one bin for everything, your staff can clear entire plates on the fly.

Impact Tracking

To stand out from greenwash, nothing is more effective than a solid number. Hop’s Impact Reports are like Nike+ for your kitchen, tracking your weekly effort to validate how much land, pollution, and water you save for your city.

Beauty in the Details

When rolling out a program, we offer staff training and custom signage systems. At every collection, a bio soap pump installed on our vehicle washes bins. And, with 90-day agreements, we host the industry’s shortest contract.”

It’s this attention to practicality and detail that make Hop work so successfully.

No one rocks closed loop sustainability quite like Hop.


(403) 860-1471
Email: info@hopcompost.com

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